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November 11, 2010 at 5:34 pm

On this day in 1986, R.E. M. performed at the University Of Virginia with the band Let’s Active. During the song “Seven Chinese Brothers,” a guy in the audience jumped up on stage and tried to grab Peter Buck’s guitar. He was unsuccessful, but he managed to escape back into the crowd. Peter tore off his guitar and jumped in after him. Mike and Michael then yelled at the guy from the stage as Peter tried to find him. Mike Mills: “If anybody sees that guy, grab him and bring him backstage after the show.” Michael Stipe: “So the Republicans won in this state, huh?” After a few minutes, Peter made his way back on stage without the assailant and the crowd cheered. After he re-tuned his guitar, and the band started into the song “Femme Fatale.”

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